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Reach more people, engage customers, and track campaign success without breaking the bank. Our personalized messages drive real results and provide a cost-effective way to improve your marketing.

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Unleash the Power of Email Marketing

Power up your email marketing with our proven strategies and tools. From engaging your customers to tracking your campaigns, we have the expertise to take your email marketing to new heights. Say goodbye to generic mass emails and hello to personalized, effective communication that drives real results.

Build a List

Collecting the right data allows you to make the best possible informed decisions & actions

Generate Revenue

  • Build List
  • Craft Campaigns
  • Engage Subscribers
  • Optimize ROI

Build Audience

Bring all your analytics into 1 unified report with multiple views so that you can analyze your operations faster

Boost Sales

We go deeper than standard analytics. We custom-track the precise customer actions you need to know to make decisions

Grow Brand

Say goodbye to confusing reports. Our reports are built to be simple & easy for employees yet powerful for managers.

Built with brains

Every Big Corporation Utilized Emails!

Leveraging analytics allows you to make better decisions, catch trends, reduce unwanted costs, and maximize efficient & profitable processes keeping you constantly informed on your business and one step ahead of the market and your competition.


Our analytics can help you identify cost-saving opportunities and save you money better than any other solution allowing you to focus resources on what really matters.

Cost Effective

By using past data, our analytics can give you an edge by giving you accurate predictions on where your company will go. When you can analyze important data quickly you can effectively & confidently make better decisions


Knowing if your business is improving or not is essential to growth. Using our comprehensive analytics you can see what works and what doesn’t, giving you the tools you need to grow.


Done For You
Email Campaigns

Our analytics systems do all the hard work for you so you can spend less time trying to understand what you are looking at and more time making decisions that matter.

Email Marketing
You Can Understand!

We create simple analytics you can understand & use to make decisions without sacrificing data.
We”Keep it Simple” by putting deep “Focus” on what to track and how to report on it.


Focus on tracking metrics that help answer business questions and make sense of the data


Condensed views of your report will remove clutter & confusion while delivering fast answers


​Focused optimization allows you to view the direct results of your decisions and re-optimize

Focused Strategies That Fit Your Business

The more data an analytics pixel has about your audience and their behavior on your website the easier it is for the platform to find your customers and the cheaper it will be to advertise.


Open Rate


Cart Rate​

Powerful Reporting to Measure Success

It’s no secret that the more you know about your business the more you control the outcome of its efforts. With so many moving parts in a company mastering your business means mastering your analytics


Click Through


Per Click

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Ryan Edmonds

Effortless and effective. Intergalactic Marketing’s email campaigns streamlined our outreach and brought real value

Marie Garibay​

Intergalactic Marketing’s emails worked wonders for our engagement. Top-notch service

Clarence Harris​

Impressed by the results! Intergalactic Marketing’s email strategies reached our audience effectively. Highly recommend their expertise

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Embark on a journey of digital evolution with impactful email marketing. Elevate your brand, expand your reach, and drive unparalleled growth. Are you prepared to reshape your online success?

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